Samsung announced two new pixel image sensors for smartphones

Samsung pixel image sensor

Samsung announced two new pixel image sensors for smartphones

South Korean Smartphone maker Samsung announces two new 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel image sensors – the 48-megapixel (Mp) Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 and the 32Mp ISOCELL Bright GD1.

Samsung pixel image sensor

The GM1 and the GD1 sensors based on the company’s most recent pixel isolation innovation – the ISOCELL Plus – which enhances performance particularly for smaller dimension pixels, making them the perfect solution for the today’s super-resolution cameras.

Samsung first announced its ISOCELL innovation in 2013, which reduces color cross talk between pixels by putting a physical barrier, permitting small sized pixels to accomplish higher color loyalty. In light of this innovation, Samsung presented the industry’s first 1.0um-pixel picture sensor in 2015 and 0.9-pixel sensor in 2017. In June 2018, Samsung introduced an updated pixel isolation technology, the ISOCELL Plus.

Demand for ultra-small, high-resolution image sensors are in demand as smartphones advance to deliver new and all the more exciting camera experiences for clients,” said Ben K. Hur, VP of System LSI marketing at Samsung ElectronicsAs cameras are turning into a key distinctive feature in the present mobile devices, smartphone maker is faced with the challenge to fit multiple cameras into the sleek designs of their most recent flagships. The new sensors give more adaptability, empowering camera module manufacturers to build smaller modules or pack more pixels into existing structures, and thus enabling smartphone maker to maximize space use in thin, bezel-less smartphones.

The Company also mentioned that the GM1 and GD1 can deliver light sensitivity equivalent to that of a 1.6μm-pixel image sensor at 12Mp and 8Mp resolution, respectively. The sensors likewise support Gyro-based electronic image adjustment (EIS) for fast and accurate image capture.

A real-time high powerful range (HDR) feature is added to the GD1 to deliver more balanced exposure, richer in colour and detail when recording selfie-videos or streaming content even in low-light, high-contrast conditions.
The Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 and GD1 are expected in production in the last quarter of this year.


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