Oppo Reno upcoming smartphone with VOOC 3.0 technology

OPPO Reno another product coming this April 10 with VOOC 3.0 technology. The Vice President Mr. Shen Yiren Brian confirmed on Weibo that VOOC3.0 uses a totally new innovation, and the complete charging time is abbreviated by 23.8% under 2.0 power. In the field of quick charging innovation, OPPO has without a doubt the leading innovation in the entire business which is customized for young-minds to convey what needs to make new patterns. Reno the artistic inspiration, offering the ability to reprieve innovative obstructions and make style of their own.

Oppo Reno Smartphone

We all know that Oppo’s blazing flash charging technology is extremely develop and advanced and almost all the Oppo phones are coming today with VOOC fast charging technology. The recent phones came with VOOC were Oppo F9 Pro and Oppo F11 Pro which said to be fastest charging innovation which is 4x quicker charging speed than regular chargers. VOOC 3.0 isn’t fast as SuperVOOC, is almost 23.8 percent times faster than the current VOOC 2.0 standard.

Reno will certainly be the first in your list of replacement to consider. Performance wise it has higher expectations with a mixed of Qualcomm Snadragon 855 SoC and a 4,056 mAh battery and those for mainstream performance can consider for Qualcomm Snadragon 710 standard version. The flagship smartphone to come with 48MP Sony sensor with ten times zoom version with a ultra-wide-angle for telephoto shots.

The flagship smartphone comes with 6.65 inch OLED screen with a screen ration of 93.1 and there are no holes on the back and no holes in the screen. The smartphone to come with 48MP sony sensor which is ten-fold zoom version and a “light flagship” standard version for users with different needs. Reno is a creative new product partnered with artists around the world. Everything is new, from outside to inside.

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